Tulips and Poppies for Spring

We have blast off, folks!  

As I am busy trying to get things set for retail sales at The Little White Flower Cottage here at Butternut Gardens, I am also working my "real job" of getting seedlings planted, and, yes, actually cutting flowers.  

Here are some of the goodies bursting into bloom right now.

Tulips are going to my local retail partners for the weekend! Some bright, and some more subtle. 

Fleur du Jour - Dutch Iris

Hardly subtle!

Hardly subtle!

Fleur du Jour is my way of bringing the beauty of fresh cut flowers into our lives as we feel, perhaps, a bit grey to match the winter weather, although today was a real sparkler around here.  Yesterday I offered up a marvelous subtle spring tulip. Today a very different approach - vibrant Dutch Iris with equally vibrant tulips, columbines and allium. Dutch Iris are planted every fall. Although I do get some repeat bloomers in following springs, I  could not depend on them for the number of blooms I require (or desire). Based on last year's first cut date of May 20, only 119 days to go to those gorgeous deep purple iris. I know that sounds like longer than we want, but that's why we have the likes of anemone, ranunculus and poppies, which burst open even earlier!Enjoy.

Fleur du Jour - Tulips - Bringing hope for Spring

Have faith. We'll be up before you know it.

Have faith. We'll be up before you know it.

Of course I had to put tulips into my Fleur du Jour postings! Spring wouldn't be spring without tulips. While we usually can't wait for bright reds and yellows to give us just the perfect pick-me-up that we need as we slog through the sometimes cold, rainy or blizzard-filled days of March, I chose, instead, to highlight one of the softer tulips grown last year at Butternut Gardens. Oh, the reds and yellows were there, as well. Never a worry about that since some 2400 tulips went into the ground the previous fall. Here for your viewing beauty I present a gem, which adds a really nice, cool feel to spring bouquets, and on its own. Based on 2014 first cut date, we can cross our fingers for tulips in another 93 days. Enjoy!

Daffodils make such a lovely houseguest

Daffs, andromeda and magnolia.JPG

Daffodils heralding spring!

Daffodils come in so many varieties it is sometimes hard to choose a favorite.  Most people think of the standard yellow, which of course warms our hearts with hopes of sunshine.  But take a look at this lovely little bouquet.  You'll see the big yellow trumpets.  Also included are white daffodils with a softer yellow cup or center.  Look on top, and you'll see one of my favorites - a white with stunning orange center.  Notice I have added some other spring favorites.  Forsythia always brightens up a room.  Just a few sprigs adds a bit of airiness to the bunch. Look carefully and you will see the amazingly gorgeous buds of our star magnolia, another one I LOVE to incorporate.  They are the soft pink buds at the very top of the bouquet and slightly lower and to the right.  Love this look!