blooming for a cause

In 2019 Butternut Gardens LLC is donating at least 50% of its farm profits to local animal welfare and animal rescue efforts.

We want to be known as β€œthe flowers that help animals.”

While we might not make the biggest dent in the world, we will, at least, be making a difference. That counts!

Donations as of August 11, 2019: $3,500.

Check back for regular updates and photos on the Butternut Gardens Blog page of this website.

I am a proud rescue!

I am a proud rescue!

My BIG EARS just heard BIG news!

Butternut Gardens LLC flowers are helping local animal welfare and rescue organizations.

Why? Animals are mighty special. Flowers are special. It seems like a perfect match.

Please check back frequently to see what our sustainably grown flowers are doing with YOUR help.

Your purchase does not constitute a charitable donation.