News and updates:  9/5/19- Dahlias are here! Must Be September! They are in The Little White Flower Cottage and at retailers. Also,

Update on the butternut Gardens fur and flowers initiative: in 2019 at least 50% of Butternut Gardens Farm Profits will go to local animal welfare and animal rescue efforts. we want you to know us as “The Flowers that help animals!” So far $3,500 have been given!

Podcast #390 with Debra Prinzing of went live in February. check it out to hear Debra and Me discussing Butternut Gardens LLC Flower Farm and also the State of Locally-Grown Flowers in Connecticut.

the little white flower cottage Is open Daily for the season.

The little white flower cottage   -----    1120 Hulls Highway, Southport, CT.


Welcome to Butternut Gardens, a fabulous little flower farm, design studio and garden workshop tucked away in Southport, CT.

Butternut Gardens is the oldest cut flower farm in Fairfield County.  If you choose Butternut Gardens flowers, you receive the freshest of blossoms harvested daily straight from our gardens at the peak of perfection.  No shipping. No storage.  Just rich, vibrant, delicious-smelling flowers every time.

When you choose Butternut Gardens flowers, you also choose flowers grown in an earth friendly manner on a Bee Friendly Farm by Evelyn Lee, a NOFA Accredited Organic Land Care Professional. Not only is our goal to bring the true beauty, fragrance and astounding variety of freshly-cut flowers to your special events and into your daily lives, but also  to share knowledge and best practices for sustainable suburban gardening, landscaping and land use. Butternut Gardens flowers do not receive synthetic fertilizers, and great care is taken to not only "do no harm" but to also protect and enhance soil, water and living organisms. At Butternut Gardens, we leave plenty of flowers and pollinator-friendly habitat for neighborhood honey bees and an abundance of native pollinators, which call our land "home." We strive to lead by example in our suburban neighborhood and hope to teach others about eco friendly gardening practices that can be applied to their land and gardens as well. A little education can go a long way!

During the growing season (March to November) Butternut Gardens crafts  an ever-changing parade of seasonal flowers, fruits, seeds, branches and other interesting natural botanical elements from the several hundred of varieties locally grown into seasonal bouquets and arrangements.

Butternut Gardens offers full floral design services for weddings and events and Evelyn often works with wedding couples choosing DIY wedding flowers as well.  A special workshop can help get the DIYers started. 

A popular and flexible Butternut Gardens subscription service lets you receive farm-fresh flowers weekly, bi-monthly or monthly at your home or office, or to give as a gift so that others may relish the subtle surprises of each successive season.

If you are looking to pick up a quick bunch of flowers, stop by one of several retail partners for our locally-grown blossoms.

Finally, if you are seeking a garden workshop or garden speaker for your group or club's next program, please consider one of  Evelyn Lee's garden lectures or workshops for an informational and educational program. A variety of garden workshops and floral design workshops are also offered right here at Butternut Gardens, as well as off site.