The Little White Cottage is Beauty in Motion!

So, The Little White Flower Cottage isn't ACTUALLY moving, but what IS in motion are the flowers and the growing season. I think of the flowers that were in the ground and bouquets just a few weeks ago and a month ago, and I consider what I have for you now - today - and it amazes me how fast this growing season is going past me. Hellebores, daffodils, forsythia - long gone. Tulips... anemone... out of here...  So right now, the peonies are just getting ready to flood the gardens with their blooms. I grow a number of varieties so I can extend the bloom time. My first ones are always coral. I have started tucking scattered blooms into some of the bouquets. A number of white, blush and pink varieties will follow, along with the "reds" which are more a purply-red than a bright orangy-red. Finally, I have a bicolor one, which is fuschia-colored and white. Peonies aren't the only thing going on here, however. I go outside and suddenly the iris, false indigo, geum, columbine and so many others are staring me down as if to say, "Watch me now!" I don't feel so on top of things. 

If you want to see what a year in the garden looks like, please stop on by at this rockin' Little White Flower Cottage, my new little retail space right here at Butternut Gardens. You can find it, and so many amazing flowers, at 1120 Hulls Highway, Southport. Come by often, even just to look, to see what's growing. I think you'll love it.