Pre-Season Chores

I can't believe how time flies, even in the winter. A lot takes place from December to March in the realm of a flower farmer.  I tell people I work full time during these few months and overtime everyday of the growing season itself.  It is true!



Spreadsheets rule my winter months as I fine tune my seeding and planting plans, decide how many and which varieties of lilies to plant during each week, when to start the calla lilies based on when I need their flowers for bouquets, which sunflowers to plant during each week, what color Celosia I want blooming earlier in the summer and what colors will work best later in the season, and make other growing decisions when I  have the luxury of a little time to think.  Winter is also the time to order supplies.

Spreadsheets rule my winter months!

Spreadsheets rule my winter months!

The other end of the farmer florist spectrum requires winter work as well. Meeting brides, planning wedding flowers, visiting with wedding planners, and developing workshop plans all gets done at this time of year. It is such a wonderful time for dreaming about beautiful flowers and the results of all the work that goes into growing.

As March rolls around, many seeds are started, I am checking the anemone outside in the plastic low tunnels and hardy annuals like Bachelor's Button, Corn Cockle and Larkspur, to ensure they have safely overwintered.  I find myself  increasingly ready for the real year to begin. I always feel an odd mix of anticipation and uncertainty. Is it time yet, or not? When exactly will we experience our last frost? Is it yet safe to plant out some of the less hardy seedlings? Should I hold off on starting the heat-lovers? Sooner or later that starter's gun will sound, and I will happily be off the mark and on my way with this year's flowers. Happy First Day of Spring!