Whacking out here with today's Fleur du Jour

Ok, so we have super cold temperatures, snow on the ground, more snow expected tomorrow and even colder temperatures after that. It is time to pull in the big guns for today's Fleur du Jour. Normally that would mean a fantastic ohhhh ahhhh photo of some supernatural dahlias or sunflowers or ANYTHING to bring Spring to mind. After all, I initially started my Fleur du Jour as a way to bring hope for Spring by figuring out how many days remained until we had certain flowers in bloom based on last year's bloom time. Ah, but what is normal these days, anyway? I think Super Bowl weekend calls for something a bit different, indeed! This cactus bowl has been sitting in my family room for at least a decade. I tend to utterly neglect houseplants so, when one of my children gave me a houseplant as a gift eons ago,  the cactus bowl (CB) was a great choice. Upon initial receipt, some God awful flowers had been hot glued to the top of the green cactus in the store to make it look like it was in bloom. Yes, it was colorful, but it didn't fool ME! Not at all. Those flowers were as fake as fake could be. I do believe my child was quite loving in choosing a plant for me. For that I will always be thankful. Of course, I have had thoughts of neglecting the famed CB for good, but it is likely to become one of those things that gets distributed once I am gone. I am loyal to a fault. 

So, instead of total neglect, I took a different route. The pink flamingo and garden gnome seemed the perfect additions for this Arizona theme. They have been hanging out in the CB for 4 or 5 years by now. Charming with the southwestern motif on the bowl, n'est-ce pas? Enjoy the winter weather or get yourself somewhere warm and sunny.  More bona fide fleurs coming in future posts, I promise.