My Spring Helpers

This is such a crazy busy time of year for me. Beds to prep.  Seedlings to set out.  Tulips to gather.  More seeds to start indoors.  Gladiolus to plant. Dahlias to wake from their "warm" slumber in the cooler. You get the idea! I am not the only busy one around here though.  Each day I am accompanied by our spring friends - our lovely robins - swooping from tree to garden beds or hopping across the grass. (Have you ever noticed how quickly they hop and run? Wow!)  Here is one being a bit coy, but a beauty none-the-less, as it scoots through the alchemilla (yarrow) and stands alertly near the plant stake.  I must say, I never tire of hearing their telltale calls from the branches above. I just love being surrounded by robins as I tend the gardens.  I hope each of you takes a moment to stop what you are doing to listen and look at all of this fabulous spring energy.  

Robin in the Garden.JPG