i am passionate about sharing my gardening wisdom and love of flowers

Are you looking for an engaging and knowledgeable garden speaker for your next meeting?

Do you want to hear the down and dirty of gardening from someone who really knows her stuff?  

Do you want to be inspired by presentations of gorgeous flowers and breathtaking floral designs?

Let Evelyn  bring her next garden talk or workshop right to you.

Evelyn is available to speak for garden clubs, conferences, symposiums, library programs, garden centers, arboretums, trade shows and more.

"One of the greatest gifts of gardeners is their desire to share. From plant divisions to seeds to 'secret' methods, it is all about sharing and nurturing others - both plants and people. Please allow me to share with you my gardening wisdom and love of growing and arranging flowers." -Evelyn Lee


Here are some of my most popular Speaking topics

Gardening Topics

BEHIND THE SCENES AT A FLOWER FARM ~ take a virtual tour of a year at a flower farm and gather tips and a flower farmer's wealth of knowledge to take back to your own gardens.

GARDENING FOR BEGINNERS ~ let's start with the basics and grow together. Learn the basics of soil, light, water, plant needs, mulching, fertilization and more

BENEFITS OF ORGANIC LAND CARE ~ save your leaves, love your compost and tend to your soil for healthier plants, flowers and home landscape for people and pets.

A DAHLIA'S YEAR ~ be inspired by someone who grows more than 500 dahlia plants a year, and learn the ins and outs of growing dahlias- queens of the late summer and fall for garden beauty and cut flowers for your centerpieces. All you need to grow and proven techniques for storing your dahlias overwinter.

GARDENING WITH PERENNIALS ~ create a succession of color,and a garden rich  texture and tones with a low maintenance perennial garden

BULBS - perfect packages of color and beauty for your garden in spring, summer and fall

CREATING THE FOUR-SEASON LANDSCAPE ~ learn how to artfully combine evergreens, deciduous trees and shrubs, perennials and annuals for year round interest and color

The Cutting Garden

GROW YOUR OWN BOUQUETS ~ beautiful visual presentation of weekly cutting garden harvests fashioned into stunning centerpieces. Learn what, when and how to plant in little space to give yourself continuous homegrown bouquets and centerpieces. Join the field-to-vase movement today with

-fabulous spring flowers: anemone, ranunculus, tulips, peonies, delphinium and more

-sizzling summer flowers, foliage, fruits and seeds: sunflowers, zinnias, celosia, dahlias, tuberose and more

-dramatic autumn flowers, foliage, fruits and seeds: dahlias, hydrangea, broom corn, asters, rose hips and more

Floral Design Topics

GARDEN-INSPIRED FLORAL DESIGN ~ learn to create gorgeous, graceful and elegant arrangements with a garden-inspired aesthetic reminiscent of the still life paintings of the Dutch masters

GARDEN-INSPIRED FLORAL DESIGN FOR BRIDES ~ learn how to artfully craft a natural looking bouquet that has the look of flowers loosely gathered from a garden just for your wedding

FLOWER PLANNING FOR DIY WEDDING FLOWERS ~ let's take a close look at best seasonal flower choices, budgeting, timing, and design basics

FLORAL RUNNERS AND TABLESCAPING ~ move beyond the traditional centerpiece and create a magnificent tablescape that integrates flowers, greens, linens, accent pieces and more.

Additional Topics

For additional topic options, please take a look at my workshop offerings. Workshops usually incorporate a more hands-on learning experience than speaker engagements, but many can be customized for speaking engagements.

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