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Love Flowers?

Why not become a monthly subscriber and have our fresh blooms delivered to your doorstep on a monthly basis?

Bouquets are delivered, with no additional charge, to your doorstep in the following locations: Fairfield, Westport, lower Weston or Southport. Deliveries to Easton, northern Weston and Bridgeport may carry additional charge, depending on distance.

We deliver on Wednesday afternoon.

If you just want to try us out for one month, we offer an "I just want to try this out" Subscription. You pick the month. We provide 4 bouquets. The entire trial is just $112. isit the "I just want to try this out" page. 

If you want more, e offer two options for Monthly Subscriptions:

  1. The Full Season Monthly Sampler (May, June, July, August, September, October):
    You will receive a total of six bouquets: one for May, one for June, one for July, one for August, one for September and one for October. Consider it your personal parade of blooms from Tulips to Peonies to Sunflowers and Dahlias to Mums. Special lilies intermixed.  Tons of interesting flowers coming your way
  2. The "Oops, I'm Late" Monthly Sampler (July, August, September, October):
  3. You will receive a total of four bouquets. One for July, one for August, one for September, one for October. on’t let shortening daylight hours stop you from adding some of our greatest flowers to your tabletop!

We also offer two different options for these bouquets, depending on your price point and interest in doing your own designs:

  1. In a bucket ($25 per delivery): You leave a bucket and water. We leave enough flowers to create one large arrangement or several small arrangements. You do the arranging. 
  2. Bouquet ($28 per delivery): Flowers are pre-assembled into a bouquet.  You just snip the ends of the flower stems and place the bouquet “as is” in your vase with fresh water. Done.

Simply fill out the form below to select which Monthly Package you'd like and then pay via Paypal. Please be sure to complete both parts. Any questions? Visit our Contact Page.

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If you reside in Fairfield, Southport, Weston or Westport, we provide free delivery to your doorstep. Please select if you'd like your flowers delivered to your doorstep. Or if you'd like to pick them up from a designated drop-off location.
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Delivery Address
If you reside in Fairfield, Southport, Weston or Westport we provide free delivery to your doorstep. Please provide your delivery address here. If you do not live in these locations or do not want your flowers delivered, this is not an option. Please leave this portion blank.
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