Q. I’m getting married, and just found out about you. What do you do?

 A. Butternut Gardens offers three wedding and event design options.

1. Full Service Design ~~ With our Full Service Design, we attend to all the floral details. We design, transport and set up all of your floral elements, including chuppah or arbor as wanted. Depending on complexity, full service design matches well with many weddings having a $1500 to $3800 floral budget.  

2. “Something In Between” combination of DIY and Full Service ~~ With our “Something In Between” (SIB) combination of DIY and Full Service Design, we put together the personal “wear and carry” items such as bouquets, corsages and the such, while you complement with reception and table designs of your own making, using farm-fresh Butternut Gardens flowers. We can also help procure glassware you might want for your own design work. SIB is perfect for many with an $800 to $1800 budget.

3. Bulk Botanicals for DIY brides ~~ Our DIY option allows you to purchase Butternut Gardens flowers through our bulk purchase option and then become your own designer. Flexibility is key since a willingness to work with seasonally fresh material is essential. Bulk botanicals - either Farmer's choice of buckets of flowers, or more specialized selections by the bunch, work well for budgets in the $300 to $800 range. Bucket price is $95 per bucket, which includes about 50-60 flowers, or enough for 4 large or 6-10 smaller arrangements. Evelyn Lee offers periodic DIY wedding flower workshops to help you with your planning.


Q. Can you do my wedding in New York, Massachusetts or Maine?

A. I do weddings far and near, but can also refer to others as I feel it is in your best interest.


Q. How much might flowers cost?

A. Just about everyone has a pre-set flower budget. Basically, the more flowers, and the more design pieces, the higher the cost. For tighter budgets, you might downsize your arrangements a bit, but you will still have gorgeous, farm fresh flowers that will absolutely shine. Your greatest cost factors is usually related to guest number and, therefore, table number at your reception, as well as to the number of larger ceremony and reception pieces. Please contact me for more specific pricing.


Q. I don’t know the first thing about flowers, so how do I know what to do?

A. Fortunately, I know a lot about flowers. I am here to help.


Q. My Grandmother grew gardenias. I would love to have a bouquet of gardenias. Do you grow them?

A. Since I am a farmer florist, I craft my floral designs using as many of my on-site grown flowers as possible. In many cases, acceptable substitutes are available right here. In cases in which a particular flower is deemed absolutely worthy and necessary for inclusion, I am generally able to source as needed if I do not grow it myself, but part of what makes Butternut Gardens designs so special is that they come right from the Connecticut soil.


Q. Are your flowers “dirt cheap” since they come straight from your farm?

A. Sorry, but no. Here’s why not: flower farming takes time, effort, money and work! I strive to grow the most beautiful blooms possible, and also to grow an amazing variety of very interesting greens, accent flowers, and, in some cases, flowers, which simply do not ship particularly well and thus might not be widely available. Wedding planning also takes time and work! In addition, I, and many other happy wedding couples, value highly my design skills, creativity and commitment to providing the best service and floral result possible. I want to share all of this with you at a fair price to you and a fair wage to me.


Q. What do your floral designs look like?

A. My signature design style is garden-inspired, and tends to look quite natural. Many describe my designs as being akin to wildflower gatherings - vintage and romantic in presentation. I do incorporate many loose-looking blooms, foliage and other botanical material, which render a more natural aesthetic. I am able, of course, to create more formal-looking designs, but in my heart, I tend toward the more natural appeal. Regardless of style, the flowers look beautifully fresh, interesting, and refreshing.


Q. How many wedding do you do at once?

A. I carefully limit the number of Full Service, DIY and Something In Between (SIB) weddings I do so as to give each wedding couple  the best of my attention, growing skills and design skills.


Q. How do I book my wedding flowers with you?

A. Weddings - Full Service, DIY or SIB -  may be booked 1 year in advance. It is always best to reserve your spot early. Non-refundable deposits hold your date for each type of floral need.


 Q. How do I start my planning process with you?

A. Please contact me through my website page called, “Wedding Options.” The initial contact form is part of that page. Once I receive your contact form, I will be in touch with questions and more information.