the choice is yours-3 wedding flower options

Evelyn at Butternut Gardens is pleased to help you put together your wedding or event, using the incredible variety of locally-grown flowers, fruits, seeds and more from the farm and beyond. True botanical treats!

Full Service Design - professionally created by Evelyn Lee

Through our Full Service Design, we attend to all the floral details for your special day, leaving you free to attend to yourself! Works well with flower budgets from $1500 to $3800 and up.

DIY Wedding Flowers - be your own wedding florist

Our DIY option enables you to purchase Butternut Gardens flowers through our bulk purchase option and then become your own designer! Flexibility is key since a willingness to work with seasonally fresh material is essential. Works well with flower budgets of $300 to $800.


Something in Between Full Service and DIY wedding flowers

With our “Something In Between” combination of DIY and Full Service Design, we put together the personal “wear and carry” items such as bouquets, corsages and the such, while you complement with reception and table designs of your own making, using farm-fresh Butternut Gardens flowers. Works well with many having a flower budget of $800 to $1800.

Evelyn wants to help you with your DIY wedding flowers. Please check the Current Workshops page (click here) to find the next DIY Wedding Flowers workshop.  Join the fun as you learn about flower planning, budgeting, timing, basic design and more.

Our flowers are ready to lend grace and beauty to your most cherished moments.


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